Pennsylvania Quality Assurance Group


Pennsylvania Quality Assurance Group — the “PQA Group”

The PQA Group introduced a quality assurance program in September 2003 as a means for increasing awareness of the quality of Pennsylvania grown-and-made vinifera wines. Since 2011 the focus of the Group has shifted toward education of its members as well as the wine growing community of PA and the surrounding states.

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Our purposes are threefold:

To provide a forum for the exchange of information and experience among members. We believe such an exchange can improve the quality of our wines.

To make available to members of the Group enological expertise by securing the advice of consultants and organizing seminars exclusively for members.

To assist in organizing educational seminars offered to all winegrowers and winemakers.  SEE “UPCOMING EVENTS” in the pull down menu.

Membership is open to any PA Limited Winery which agrees to abide by the association’s by-laws, policies and regulations. To view a list of member wineries click on Member Wineries. To become informed about the latest in the Group’s activities visit Upcoming Events and Benefits of Membership.

If you are interested in joining, contact John Weygandt,  President. 610 486 0422 or