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Terroir and Typicity


Pennsylvania Quality Assurance



Summer 2015 Seminar


Typicity and Terroir:

In Conflict or Complementary?


Date: Thursday August 13 9 am to 5 pm

On-site registration from 8:30


Location: Berks County Extension, Leesport PA


Refer to this website for directions


Registration fee: $100 per person


While this seminar is open to all who pay the fee, we issue our usual reminder that this is not an introductory level course. It is assumed that the attendees will have a firm grasp of the relevant technical, chemical and biochemical topics of estate wine production.


The morning session is in the hands of Anna Katharine Mansfield who will address


  1. Typicityvs. Terroir: Science or Marketing?

         – Microclimate, biology, and wine flavor chemistry

            – Psychological determinants

– Tasting: Wine Descriptors


2. Sensory evaluation of Typicity


            – Tasting: Typicity examples:  Finger Lakes Riesling


3. Typicity in new wine regions


            – Tasting: Typicity in PA


Lunch and wine tastings included in the Registration Fee






The afternoon session will consist of a two part presentation by Serge Delrot


In the first one, he will describe in detail all the physiological and environmental parameters that affect berry composition (sugars, anthocyanins, flavonols, aroma), and hence wine typicity, tracing it from the soil and the rootstock to canopy management and climate.


In the second, he will focus on the already observable effect of climate change on berry composition and wine typicity, and on immediate, middle-term and long-term strategies to deal with climate change on berry composition and typically; from viticultural practices to genetic improvement.



The speakers credentials, as they relate to the seminar topic are, in brief, as follows :


Anna Katharine MANSFIELD is an Associate professor of enology at Cornells NYSAES in Geneva, NY. She received graduate degrees at Virginia Tech and the University of Minnesota. Since 2009, she has focused her efforts in aiding small regional wineries through enology extension, wine sensory evaluation, and research on wine phenolics and fermentation nutrition. In March of 2010 she delivered a paper Defining Typicity in Cool Climate Rieslingsin Beaune (Burgundy) France.

Serge DELROT received a PhD from the University of Poitiers in 1981 and since 2006 has been a professor at the University of Bordeaux, Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin. He has received many awards, published numerous papers & lectured widely. Over the years he has conducted several research programs. Broadly speaking his research aim has been to understand the biochemistry and the physiology of assimilate transport.








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