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Summer 2013 Workshop

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 Grape Berry Shrivel  


 presented on August 6 by               

Bhaskar Bondada College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences Viticulture and Enology Washington State University

  Topics  included:

  • Basic physiology and anatomy of reproductive growth
  • Types of physiological disorders related to ripening (shrivel types)
  • Symptomatology and composition of all shrivel types
  • Potential management practices

About the speaker:

Dr Bondada is a grapevine physiologist with interests in both basic and applied research geared up to address industry goals. His particular area of research is integrative plant physiology and plant anatomy, basically utilizing the knowledge of structure-function relationships to improve vine health and fruit quality. More specifically, his lab investigates ampelography and cultivar identification, water relations of grapevine and berry, developmental anatomy of grape berry, physiological and structural adaptations to water stress, and hydraulic architecture of grapevine and berry.

Selected Publications

Bondada, B. and M. Keller. 2012. Not all shrivels are created equal – morpho-anatomical and compositional characteristics vary among different shrivel forms that develop during ripening of grape (Vitis vinifera L.) berries.  American Journal of Plant Science 3: 879-898. (Cover article, see sidebar – right).  

Bondada, B. and M. Keller. 2012.  Morpho-anatomical symptomatology and osmotic behavior of grape berry shrivel.  Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 137:20-30.